ACT & SAT Resources

  • About the ACT & SAT
    The ACT & SAT are very important college entrance exams. The majority of 4 year colleges and universities require students to take and send their official ACT or SAT scores to complete a college application. A number of college scholarships also require ACT & SAT scores.

    Students may take the SAT or ACT up to twelve times in their high school career. Encourage your student to STUDY for and RETAKE the SAT or ACT if possible so their scores may improve.

    Fortunately every Spring all TUSD juniors take the ACT for free in school.

    The ACT is comprised of four required subtests: Math, Reading, English and Science. The writing component is optional since not all colleges require the Writing subtest.

    The SAT includes three subtests - Math, Critical Reading and Writing.
  • Registration
    Register For The ACT
    Register For The SAT

    To register online for either the ACT or SAT a student must create a username and password. Once a high school student creates their username and password they must also complete a student profile by answering questions such what classes they have taken or plan to take in high school. Most students take about half an hour to one hour to complete registration the first time for an ACT or SAT test date.

    If a student qualifies for free and reduced lunch they also qualify to take the ACT twice for free and/or the SAT twice for free via fee waivers.
  • Additional ACT & SAT Study Resources
    Both the SAT & ACT offer a FREE mobile app that students can use to study with.

    Also the Pima Public Library offers FREE online study resources for students for library card holders.