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Financial Aid for College

Information for Parents

Dear Palo Verde Parents,

If your child is a senior encourage your students to apply to college early. The majority of scholarships are from the colleges and universities your student applies to versus private scholarships. And colleges and universities offer scholarships on a first come first serve basis so it is to your child's benefit to apply early. If you are worried about the expense of college applications, many colleges offer application fee waivers. And it is to your child's benefit to apply to several colleges so they may compare different opportunities.

If your child is a high school freshman, sophomore and/or junior support your student by encouraging good grades in all classes and especially math, science, and English classes. If possible ensure your student completes 4 years of English, 4 years of math, 3 years of science, 2 years of Social Science (history or government) and 2 years of a foreign language so they meet university and college admission criteria. Also help them prepare and study for the SAT (visit and ACT (visit tests. There are free sample ACT & SAT tests available online. High GPA's and SAT & ACT test scores equate to qualifying and competing for more $scholarships$.

Types of Financial Aid

Two out of every three college students receive some type of financial assistance.

There are four primary sources of financial aid:

  • Pell Grants - Money provided by the federal government to college students who demonstrate financial need.  Pell grants do not need to be paid back.  To earn a Pell grant, you must be a U.S. citizen or eligible noncitizen and will need to complete the FAFSA.
  • Work Study - This federally sponsored program provides students with part-time employment (often on campus) during college.  Eligibility is based on financial need; students must complete the FAFSA to be considered. 
  • Scholarships - Money for college that does not have to be repaid.  Scholarships are awarded to all types of students.  Some scholarships are for students with an exceptional academic record in high school and others are for students who possess certain characteristics important to the providers (such as hobbies, athletic ability, membership in a particular group, etc.). Most scholarships require and application, and dollar amounts vary.
  • Loans - This is borrowed money that must be repaid with interest. 

March Scholarships

Scholarships from Organizations

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